Mason jar fun!!



I have the luxury, and yes I do mean luxury, of living only a few miles from one of the most amazing craft stores I’ve ever seen and because of that I often find amazing deals. For instance I recently picked up 2 dozen smallish mason jars with wire handles already attached. I was able to get them in 3 different colors for 50¢ a piece. I was so excited about this I instantly called my mom from the store to tell her about my find. Yes I know, ridiculous but this store is to me what Cabella’s is to an avid outdoorsman. Ok now back to my fun. After having these jars just sitting around I had some ideas. I made a decoupage witch’s silhouette on a yellow jar. I picked up the black tissue paper at my local Walmart for less than a dollar for several sheets and the ribbon was a great find at that amazing craft store. To make the silhouette I traced one of the many Halloween window decorations I have on a piece of card stock then cut it out to trace onto the tissue paper. The hardest part was cutting the tissue paper without any tears. Next I just mixed some white school glue with some water and grabbed a sponge to put the tissue on my jar and viola! I added the ribbon with a little hot glue and though this picture doesn’t show it there is a flickering LED tea light inside. Image

With two children I have lots of paints. Again a steal at my crafting haven I got the 2oz bottles of acrylic paints for around 60¢ a piece. So I decided I wanted to freehand something on a jar. The result has been dubbed “the witch with cankles” because the legs ended up so fat but I had fun painting this one anyways!! Image


The super itches!!!

I have exceedingly sensitive skin. This is probably the understatement of the century but it is what it is. I am allergic to SO many things. To name a few…reusable shopping bags, adhesive (medical tape etc), gold, artificial Christmas trees, the powder in plastic gloves…the list goes on and on. And unfortunately my children both have a from of eczema that makes them seem to have sandpaper skin. I have used everything known to man to try to combat their dry skin only to have their bodies seemingly say “Nope not happening!” I have spent more money than I care to admit trying to find products that work to moisturize AND don’t cause my skin to rebel. Then it dawned on me when I saw a post about making lotions. “Make your own!!” It seemed easy enough and finding ingredients was easy as there are several natural foods stores in my area as well as craft stores. My first attempt was interesting. I used almond oil as a carrier and found the batch was runny. Of course looking back there are other reasons it didn’t work so well but it separated after a day or two in the jar and I didn’t like that. I tweaked the amounts and changed oils and presto it was a whipped body butter so amazing I was in moisture heaven!! Ok over kill on that but it was amazingly easy and felt better than any product I have ever used. Now to scent my creation I used lavender essential oil. I have also made lemon and peppermint scented batches and my absolute favorite lavender/peppermint. We have been using this for many months and the little ladies have no signs of sandpaper skin and my own skin isn’t screaming at me to stop so I call this a success.

Here goes nothing…

To start off I want to give an I idea of what has led me down my path of homemade living. My youngest has Persistant Asthma (in other words she is constantly having asthma attacks without controller meds) and unidentified nasty allergies ( to the frustration of myself and her specialist we know she has allergies but we only know she is allergic to cats for sure). These diagnoses require my little lady to take several medications daily resulting in some interesting side effects. When my girls were toddlers I cleaned the floor with vinegar instead of chemicals but after being informed of the asthma I felt I had to find chemical free ways to disinfect everything, cut down on strong scents, all of those kinds of things.  A friend gave me eucalyptus fronds to keep in the house because eucalyptus can help to “clean” the air. But that still didn’t clean and disinfect things. Oh I forgot to mention said asthmatic child also has a compromised immune system and is EXTREMELY susceptible any viral infection known to man. In other words disinfecting is a necessary part of life. So I have searched for ways to make sure my (not so little anymore) ladies stay healthy without using chemicals and other products that contain strong fragrances. So if I can help even one person with my experiences, tips and everything I post, I feel I’m doing my duty.